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  • The King and Four Queens

    The King and Four Queens

    MVP is Jo Van Fleet (36 pts, 17 rb, 6 ast, 5 stl, 4 blk).

  • High Rollers

    High Rollers

    Masterful con-man farce set in the ‘20s is of course designed to follow in the commercial wake of THE STING but, outside of the setting and the ragtime inflections of the music cues, it’s a different kind of game. Adriano Celentano plays the ballsy younger grifter and Anthony Quinn is the old master. Capucine plays Quinn’s ex-wife and uber-rival. The plot plays out as a series of escalating bluffs, and the final one is centered around nothing less than Siegfried’s tomb and the treasure of the Niebelungen. There’s also a wild, free-wheeling first-gen speedboat chase that I unexpectedly enjoyed a lot.

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  • The Bad Batch

    The Bad Batch

    The early word on this one was that it didn't quite work and was much too long. I'm thinking maybe soon we stop listening to the early word, whoever that is. This is carefully, lovingly made to be just about as fucked as possible and still play in the occasional mall theater. Amirpour is for real, and even if this film suffers the critical slings and arrows of similarly ambitious projects, it is bound to find its audience eventually, and…

  • The Death & Life of John F. Donovan

    The Death & Life of John F. Donovan

    I often refer to directors as drivers. This director is a good driver. This director is a bad driver. Dolan is not a good or bad driver exactly. He is sort of a good drunk driver. This film takes CW Network TV melodrama and amps it up to Grand Operatic proportions. You wouldn’t call it a good movie, or an important movie but goddamn it, it is a MOVIE, which is more than I can necessarily say about 50% of…