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  • Uncut Gems

    Uncut Gems

    A friend said after the screening, “I’d like to think that the Safdies watched those great KG games and reverse engineered the plot from there.” One of the great epic fuckup portraits.

  • State Funeral

    State Funeral

    Me at Stalin’s funeral: “I don’t know guys, I’m seeing a lot of RED FLAGS here.” (Repeat until the joke has been widely appreciated.)

  • A Hidden Life

    A Hidden Life

    How Wide Was My Angle?

    I amused myself while watching this by imagining Malick becoming so proficient at this Malicky style that he’s now getting films like this in the can on like a 24 day schedule. “Get the wind machine over here! Have the children and the camera operator finished their coffee? Great. Chase them around the house! Can we get a sadder donkey please?!”

  • Five for Hell

    Five for Hell

    The Squad.

  • The Treasure of San Teresa

    The Treasure of San Teresa

    Hard boiled Euro-pulp with Eddie Constantine playing it straight as a put-upon noir everyman who gets involved in a cross-iron-curtain treasure hunt with lovely Dawn Addams. Christopher Lee shows up as a bad guy. This movie is a real spot-hitter for me, almost a platonic ideal of this kind of mid-low budget Eurail-trotter.

  • The King and Four Queens

    The King and Four Queens

    MVP is Jo Van Fleet (36 pts, 17 rb, 6 ast, 5 stl, 4 blk).

  • High Rollers

    High Rollers

    Masterful con-man farce set in the ‘20s is of course designed to follow in the commercial wake of THE STING but, outside of the setting and the ragtime inflections of the music cues, it’s a different kind of game. Adriano Celentano plays the ballsy younger grifter and Anthony Quinn is the old master. Capucine plays Quinn’s ex-wife and uber-rival. The plot plays out as a series of escalating bluffs, and the final one is centered around nothing less than Siegfried’s tomb and the treasure of the Niebelungen. There’s also a wild, free-wheeling first-gen speedboat chase that I unexpectedly enjoyed a lot.

  • King of Kong Island

    King of Kong Island

    Was good film.

  • Ghost of Dragstrip Hollow

    Ghost of Dragstrip Hollow

    Best film.

  • One-Eyed Jacks

    One-Eyed Jacks

    Vengeful Dumb Jerk: The Movie

  • This Property Is Condemned

    This Property Is Condemned

    It’s flabbergasting to think that this movie is practically unknown. It’s fantastic. Old Hollywood (James Wong Howe, Edith Head, Ray Stark, Natalie Wood, in a way) meets New Hollywood (Coppola, who scripted, Pollock, Redford, Natalie Wood, in a way). Supporting cast includes Bronson, Bobby Blake, and Mary Badham (Scout from MOCKINGBIRD). Everyone is very, very, very good. At one point Redford calls Wood “a potent force.” That sentence should have won the 1967 Understatement Of The Year Award (The Undie).…

  • Monterey Pop

    Monterey Pop

    Jefferson Airplane win the movie with “High Flying Bird.” This is not even disputable. Bye.