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  • The Third Wife

    The Third Wife


    A lush, striking debut feature. Manages to carve out a nuanced portrait of womanhood in a very specific time and place that feels attuned to contemporary feminist filmmaking without resorting to overwrought devices (looking at you, Mary, Queen of Scots).

    Reminded me, a bit, of a delicately queer Vietnamese offshoot from the misty, plaintive emotional force of Andrea Arnold’s Wuthering Heights. There feels to be some Weerasethakul influence as well in the way Mayfair shoots the verdant green of the…

  • Dark Phoenix

    Dark Phoenix


    Simon Kinberg is such a hack. Having written a bevy of almost solely mediocre films, he gets handed a tentpole for his feature debut and royally fucks it up. Never fear, though; he already has multiple future projects lined up. Hollywood!

    This is a film in desperate combat with itself over its need to exist, which is apposite given Jean Grey as subject. The storytelling is so appallingly vague, but Sophie Turner does solid work at least making the emotional…

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  • Passengers



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    I haven't had time to write a full review of this as I only saw it not 12 hours ago, but I can't help but jot down something about Passengers' unpleasant undercurrent. Rewatching the trailers and marketing material, I couldn't believe how misleading they were about something very important to the film's core premise:

    Only Chris Pratt's Jim woke up early due to a malfunction on the ship. The first solid half hour is him moping about the Avalon starship,…

  • Red Sparrow

    Red Sparrow

    hey siri show me a straight teenage boy's jerkoff fantasy that's been directed like an over-budget Starz rip-off of The Americans where literally nothing that happens is important but they've made sure you get to see plenty of sideboob while its star is being tortured