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  • No Regrets for Our Youth

    No Regrets for Our Youth


    Surprising Kurosawa, political and sometimes melodramatic, but powerful.

    I love Setsuko Hara.

  • The Private Life of Henry VIII

    The Private Life of Henry VIII


    An odd little film focused solely on Henry VIII's love life, but I thoroughly enjoyed it, mainly because I love Charles Laughton. People always say he was a ham but I disagree and I always get such joy watching him. And I love Elsa Lanchester almost as much and she's fantastic in this. Plus, I learned a few things.

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  • Cléo from 5 to 7

    Cléo from 5 to 7


    I loved it. Starts off seeming frivolous and possibly annoying, Cleo is worried about a medical test but the audience gleans from those around her that she's a bit of a drama queen. But, her worries are real and the longer the film goes the more Cleo becomes a fully realized character, right up to the end when she surprises me. All this happens through the barest bones of a plot: Cleo wandering the streets of Paris, meeting friends old and new. The street scenes and taxi rides are fantastic.

  • The Fallen Idol

    The Fallen Idol


    I'm a huge Carol Reed fan and I had watched THE FALLEN IDOL previously but didn't remember many details.

    Felt like his most Hitchcockian film to me. I have no idea how he prolongs the suspense throughout the second half. The actors are so quiet and the pace is slow, not boring, just deliberate. I find the quick wrap up of the case unsatisfying, but that's a minor quibble.

    Not sure anyone made three better films in row. My personal ranking is ODD MAN OUT, THE THIRD MAN and FALLEN IDOL.