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  • Mary Poppins Returns

    Mary Poppins Returns


    There will be a time when these type of films won't work any more. The Disney corporation has never been bigger, yet it's become a wasteland of innovation. The reason, creativity can't be calculated and when money is the main goal, innovation dies. I thought the production design was great and you could tell some people had great respect for the original film. But I dare anyone to name a thing this movie delivers on that the original "Marry Poppins" didn't do a hundred times better. As much as this movies tries to fool you the simple fact remains, magic can't be calculated.

  • Mirai



    This one had me in tears by the end. I struggled with the kid. I mean this could easily be because they simply did too good of a job making him act like a kid. He is selfish and extremely prone to fits. Yet the way they were able to bring in fantasy was simply breathtaking. The most powerful aspect was how they were able to deliver on everything by the end of the story. Animation is simply magnificent in…

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  • Le Silence de la Mer

    Le Silence de la Mer


    This was a masterwork as the first feature of Jean-Pierre Melville. The volumes we are able to get simply through the visuals of this chamber piece, leaves me speechless. I mean, he didn't even have two of the three characters in his story speaking... okay that is a bit of a lie since it's the Old Man who is giving the narration. Yet, symbolism is profound in this story, with the narration never feeling like it's compensating for poor visuals.…

  • Fahrenheit 11/9

    Fahrenheit 11/9


    This is an emotionally raw documentary that wants to go all the way. We ARE living in Nazi Germany! At least the “documentary” suggests we are in the first steps of embracing that kind of dictatorship. Moore is such a compatant storyteller and I found a great deal of truth in this piece. I also Like how he doesn’t let the DNC off the hook. However, I consider Moore more of a propagandist than a true documentarian. He will jump…