42 ★★

This was a struggle to get through again. It was one of the few times where I notice the digital look of the film really get in the way of feeling grounded in the 1940’s environment. Also, talk about ham fistead performances and some ugly writing. Gah, why not just take a club and hit us over the head with the message?! I am convinced with storie like this one you should work hard to not over emphasis the racial aspects of the story. Just let them show themselves in an organic way, and spend most of the time developing the magnificent love the people involved had for the game of baseball. If we had half the scenes concentrating on race, and more just highlighting the relentless pace of the game, with 155 games during the season, playing if you are injured or not, you would have a better story. Anyway, Jackie’s true story takes place after he is allowed off his “do not fight back mandate and exploring just how much this mantle took out of him after his baseball career. In conclusion, some of the images were good. Thought baseball was represented okay. The ending was agonizing, hated the use of slow motion. 

- Netflix