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  • Upgrade



    Not sure I can completely unpack how delightful this was to watch right now.

    Superb music, exceptional fight choreography. All set in an intriguing future where bionic upgrades are a norm. The story was engaging too. Reminded me of what Detroit: become human should have been. With a little terminator 2 style action.

  • The Matrix

    The Matrix


    Rewatched for its 20th anniversary. 

    I never got to see this at the cinema so this was a real pleasure. 

    Weird seeing contemporary tech as old tech, but in other ways it hasn’t aged much at all. Still a near perfect movie (except the last shot).

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  • Children of the Stones

    Children of the Stones


    They originally made this for kids? Wow. Some compelling storytelling here and some mind-bending time events to process too.  

    This was scored perfectly. I imagine it spooked a good many of its original audience because the wailing gave me chills at times. 

    Went to watch one episode and ended up watching the entire thing in one big creepy binge. Superb.

  • The League of Gentlemen - Live Again!

    The League of Gentlemen - Live Again!


    I lost count of how many times I laughed. 

    Nice to see old material and great little nods to the show. 

    I wasn’t expecting the continuation of some of the stories started in the newest TV series so that was a nice surprise.