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  • Rebel Without a Cause

    Rebel Without a Cause

    did anyone else think that he was holding a baseball mitt in the poster? i always did and that's why I never watched until now

  • Like Crazy

    Like Crazy


    This movie had me right where it wanted me after just twenty minutes. I was fully on board with the relationship. I think that (and how close to home it hit) is why I have found myself cloudy on what happened afterwards; Didn't wanna see any part of it where they weren't together.

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  • Breathless



    An aggressive reminder of my bisexuality can be found in both leads. 
    Loved this.

  • These Days

    These Days


    I feel like we all just talk and talk and have grown so accustomed to no one listening or digesting our words that we, a lot of the time, forget we have said them. Or forget that these words we say can be profound, funny, indicative of the person we are at that time or even indicative of the world we live in, at that time.
    So when I heard my own words that I recorded for this project projected…