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  • Knowing



    I usually don't like action films but was tempted by the free YouTube streaming.

    First of all, the special effects were amazing. Rose Byrne is terrific, as always. And the story is the right blend of science and fiction.

    And the story tackles some big issues: randomness, destiny, fate, combined with climate change and religion.

    Get ready for the ride!

  • Love Happens

    Love Happens


    Bottom line, this movie is about grief.

    I don't know what the universe was telling me but I unintentionally watched 3 movies this past weekend that dealt with grief: The Farewell, Little Boy and this one.

    Love Happens is about a man who writes a best-selling motivational book about grief recovery after his wife dies.

    Then movie telegraphs its angle with the opening scene. Burke (Aaron Eckhart) squeezes lemons as a voice over reads from his book about "when life…

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  • The Farewell

    The Farewell


    More contemplative than I anticipated, it is a beautifully wrought film that considers the merging of cultures.

    It is the story of a family's decision to protect their grandmother from the knowledge of her cancer diagnosis.

    What emerges is the coalescing of American independence with Chinese interdependence.

    And the surprise is Awkwafina: a talented actress with great range.

  • Us



    Doppelgangers, tunnels and carnivals. Oh my!

    Jordan Peele takes us into another world, not of Technicolor, but of shadows. Full of screams and nods to other horrors, this movie reaches a whole new subterranean of suspense. 


    And, I kid you not, I was sitting in SEAT H:11. 

    I  K I D   Y O U   N O T  ! ! ! !