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  • The Heartbreak Kid

    The Heartbreak Kid


    BREAKING NEWS: Sociopath can't commit to shit

  • A New Leaf

    A New Leaf


    I'm not buying that happy ending one bit. It feels disingenuous, which seems to be the case since the original cut was longer and darker before paramount stepped in and put their filthy paws all over it.

    Overall I liked it, but I can't help but feel bummed out that we'll probably never get to see Elaine May's complete vision for this film.

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  • Braid



    I'm 100% sure the director watched a bunch of Dario Argento films and thought, "Hey... I can do that but in like a student film kinda way."

  • Ritual



    I had always been entranced with the idea of being madly loved and loving madly, and yet this was a stupendous burden, exhausting... Could I really bear it?

    Me, hunched over my laptop: Oh wow, that's me.