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  • The Favourite

    The Favourite

    duck race was kino but I was nodding off numerous times during this movie.. could be bcuz I was up late last nite reading about the Ultimate Fate of the Universe on wikipedia, or maybe this film is just that dull? 🤷

  • Dumbo



    CGI Dumbo is kawaii af 🐘

  • Kuso



    not sure what to say about Kuso other than that I have a friend who has a makeshift bar in his garage w/ a TV that he'll play random, visually bizarre films on, on mute, to baffle his drinking buddies . . . now this would make an excellent addition to his collection. plays out like some late night Adult Swim acid trip, where it's absurdist humor one min & utterly repulsive the next.

  • Taxi Driver

    Taxi Driver


    maybe one day I, too, will get organiz-ized Travy

  • Toy Story 4

    Toy Story 4


    yet another unneeded Pixar sequel made only for financial gain, not even bad bitch Bo Peep could save this admittedly gorgeous film from being just okay. it plays out as a send-off to the Toy Story saga, yet isn't nearly as good a finale as the 3rd

  • Midsommar



    here we have Mayqueen Dani, a fashionista donning a colorful floral headdress — cue ABBA's Dancing Queen 💐💐💐

  • Hereditary



    I saw "ALL HAIL KING PAIMON!" scribbled in sharpie above an Alamo Drafthouse mensroom urinal, & I'd rly like to give that vandal a high five.. after washing my hands ofc 🙃

  • Midsommar



    who else tryna join a weird, Swedish commune now?? ⛺

  • Burning



    despite following the lead just milling about for awhile, you find yourself oddly captivated in the world of the film & that character's situation. it's beautifully shot... in that kinda way that'll remind you a movie can be slow & still manage to get away with it. & the payoff was worth sipping a 44oz cherry/Mtn Dew slushie to keep awake

  • Manborg



    rarely when a director sets out to make a bad film does it end up being "so-bad-it's-good". & sure, it was made on a supposed $1,000 budget, but that's hardly an accomplishment when I've seen Youtube videos made for free that manage to actually induce laughter in me

  • Aphex Twin: Windowlicker

    Aphex Twin: Windowlicker

    this gave me the weirdest boner . . .

  • Our Idiot Brother

    Our Idiot Brother


    Paul Rudd plays the bearded, long-haired, Crocs-wearing uncle I wish I had