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  • 2012



    don't even start...

  • Burning



    miles davis makes even perfect things better.

  • Parasite



    think of the greatest heist/scam movies, movies about working class and unemployment and slow-burning thrillers but much much better.

  • Hellboy



    Malamente (eso es) (así sí)
    Malamente (tra, tra)
    Mal, muy mal, muy mal, muy mal, muy mal (mira)
    Malamente (toma que toma) ('amonó)
    Malamente (eso es) (¡'illo!)
    Mal, muy mal, muy mal, muy mal, muy mal
    Malamente (¡uh!)

  • Toy Story 4

    Toy Story 4


    the sequel we didn't want but needed.

  • Every Man for Himself

    Every Man for Himself


    fun thing about godard is that you only need to see one of his movies to start hating him (but I've seen 16 because I love a good torture)

    also, I just understood that the reason why some of his movies were remotely good back in the 50s is mostly because of black and white cinematography that added some dreamy atmosphere and aesthetics to them, but when he started shooting his movies in color he already went nuts, not to mention that they started looking boring as shit. and by the way, fuck him for wasting the talent and beauty that is isabelle huppert.

  • Shock



    me after seeing that daria nicolodi is in the movie: *in a mr. peanutbutter voice* what is this, a crossover episode?

  • Knife+Heart



    I literally could smell cum throughout the entire movie. And not that it’s news but I would like to be destroyed by Felix Maritaud.

  • Fireworks



    Kenneth Anger was so hot wtf.

  • Too Old to Die Young: North of Hollywood, West of Hell

    Too Old to Die Young: North of Hollywood, West of Hell


    When I said we won't get a TV show as special and unique as Twin Peaks: The Return until David Lynch directs another masterpiece, I was wrong. I can't even explain how wrong I was. From striking imagery and mind-blowing soundtrack to vague dialogues in which every word feels like a bomb explosion which echoing miles away from its epicenter Too Old To Die Young is the most ambitious and intense (although it's 13 hours long) Refn's work yet. This…

  • Go, Go Second Time Virgin

    Go, Go Second Time Virgin


    Brandon just proved himself as King of Taste for recommending me this visceral masterpiece.

  • Godzilla



    In the best moments Godzilla movies make you feel weak and powerless compared to the true King of the Monsters, and in not so great moments it’s a fun and ridiculous show in which Godzilla either destroys a city or is beating the shit out of some kaiju. Godzilla is the monster who was forged out of fear and grief of the Japanese people after atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and out of the fear of World War III.…