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  • Non-Transferable



    Enjoyable romantic comedy for the internet age but full of plot holes if you think about it too much. I'd probably watch again as the characters are bearable and the locations are nice to look at.

    The premise is a bit like Castaway but this time instead of a year away with a stranger, it's a European holiday out of necessity.

  • Flashdance



    I L<3ve Musicals!

    The red hot momma of dance musicals feels squarely in the 1980s when viewed after all this time, and it's been years since Jennifer Beals swapped her welding torch for some good-time dancing for sweaty blokes in a low-lit dive. Note that for sweaty blokes watching at home there is a huge amount of close-up flesh on display in the dance sequences.

    With a fabulous rocking soundtrack and that infamous audition scene (partly danced by a male…

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  • A Single Man

    A Single Man


    This bittersweet film gets another star on a rewatch. It's Colin Firth's best performance in years as stuffy professor George Falconer ('it takes a long time to become George'), who suddenly finds himself bereaved by the sudden death of his partner Jim in a car accident, and finds it difficult to cope until he decides he needs to make a momentous decision.

    This being the 1960s he cannot talk openly about it, or even grieve, nor can he seek a…

  • Licence to Kill

    Licence to Kill


    One of my favourite Bond films, this one shook off the Moore-era humour and instead had something far more violent and realistic.

    Carey Lowell is a wonderfully sparky girl associate for 007, even if Talisa Soto is a bit of a drip. The basic premise of this one is that Bond goes solo and rogue after witnessing the murder of his friend Felix Leiter's bride on her wedding day, and the mutilation of Leiter.

    The bad guys are an international…