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  • First Man

    First Man


    After making history by becoming the youngest filmmaker to win Best Director at the Oscars in 2017, wunderkind Damien Chazelle has returned with First Man, a film centered around the life of Neil Armstrong and the United States' moon landing. At first, the very existence of the film may seem puzzling: How do you wring dramatic tension out of NASA's mission to the moon when the outcome is widely known? But Chazelle and screenwriter Josh Singer approach the story from…

  • Sicario



    A common misunderstanding surrounding Denis Villeneuve’s Sicario is that it is supposed to be "about" the War on Drugs. This has led to many glib dismissals of the film in some critical circles as something along the lines of a Traffic-lite with insufficient insight into the drug war. But debut actor-turned-screenwriter Taylor Sheridan is actually doing something quite novel—eschewing the tired “War on Drugs is bad” sentiment entirely and simply utilizing the drug war as a backdrop, in order to…

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  • Mute


    It's nice that Netflix movies come with directions in their titles now

  • Wonder Woman

    Wonder Woman

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