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  • The Dark Knight Rises

    The Dark Knight Rises


    Ok, I could waste your time and nit-pick, transcend into a rant about why its a good film, and why its not. Weigh up the odds and evens, but i'm not going to. Chances are you've already booked your tickets, or are planning on going within the next week or so. Film's devide opinion. We each have our own thoughts and feelings, and moods toward films. The Dark Knight Rises is a very, very smart, thrilling, enjoyable and emotional film. It is, in this reviewer's opinion, second to none, and is a truly brilliant end, to a truly brilliant trilogy.

  • Prometheus



    Ok. First and foremost: Prometheus? Not a prequel to Alien. Well, it is, but, it isn't. Those phrases you've heard being battered around that describe it more as 'in the same universe' or 'sharing the same DNA' are actually quite accurate, but I digest... Prometheus very much is a film within its own right. It has its own narrative to explore, its own characters to dissect, and that is where Prometheus has its major problems. We all get the jist…

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  • Battleship


    Bad direction, awful acting and a dire script, Battleship is meant for one thing only, to cash in on the success of Hasbro's other franchise to film hopper, Transformers. Sure, if you enjoy explosions, bad dialogue ("they're not gonna' sink this Battleship..."), and Rihanna (who doesn't?!) this could of been somewhat entertaining, however as it stands not even Liam Neeson (playing the same character he portrays in every other film he's been in) could save this film. Battleship is one of the funniest films released in a while accept there's no comedy in it, the film is just a joke in itself.

  • The Cabin in the Woods

    The Cabin in the Woods


    Cabin in the Woods is a complete breath of fresh air. Without spoiling any plot details, it is without a doubt an insane rollercoaster ride into the world of horror. The film takes every stereotype known to the genre, and tips it on its head pumping new ideas into an old and waring narrative. Packed with nods and homages, the film is a horror fans wet dream. Once over, its actually scary, hitting the mark with jumps and chills, and…