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  • First Reformed

    First Reformed


    Watched this again today after first time watch yesterday.
    Despite Schraders unapologetic use of Bergman, Bresson, Tjarkovsky and even his own films, First Reformed feels like an original take on filmaking. The film is angry and cold at the same time. It deals with the despair of an individual, but at the same time humanity looking into the abyss. Nothing is clear cut and it somehow feels like Schraders most nuanced effort.
    As the pastor says: wisdom is holding to…

  • The Harvest

    The Harvest


    Samantha Morton should seriously have won an oscar for this. Most frightening psycho since Anton Chigurgh from No Country for Old Men.

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  • Turkish Delight

    Turkish Delight


    Is there anyone apart from Verhoeven who can make a tender love film with elements of shit, rape and maggots?

  • Phenomena



    Bonkers Argento;
    Feels like a teen adventure movie, had it not been for the outrageous gore.

    Some kind of synopsis:
    - She has a dad who apparantly is an action star, but his name suggest he has a minor role in Goodfellas: Paul Corvino
    - Donald Pleasence tuning in and out of his Scottish accent (mostly out)
    - he is paralyzed, got a trained monkey and is some kind of insects scientist
    - Connolly can communicate with insects. A roach…