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  • Mid90s



    A very mature film about some immature people.
    A very funny film about some serious issues.
    A very grown up film about some kids.
    I loved it.

  • Guava Island

    Guava Island


    I didn't understand the presence of Rihanna on Guvava Island.
    Not even after going through the entire discography of Rihanna.
    Not even after going through the entire discography of Donald Glover.
    Fuck it. I am going to the Queen.

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  • Gone Girl

    Gone Girl


    Do you love your wife?? Does she love you?? Do you love each other?? Do you want her to be gone at times?? Does she want you to be gone for a while?? Do you find her boring now?? Do you fuck like robots now?? Do robots fuck each other?? Do you find other women more attractive?? Does she nag you all the time?? Does the young girl flirt with you?? Do you want to fuck her brains out?? Do…

  • Se7en



    So this was the first movie that introduced me to David Fincher. Although I had watched Flight plan earlier, but I did not bother about the director as Jodie Foster was good enough to discuss and remember. And then, I happened to come across this movie. I clearly remember, It was a very tiring, bad and long day. There was a very important game and I could not win it. Somehow I got rid of all worldly illusions and came…