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  • Long Shot

    Long Shot


    Long Shot has a most unlikely concept with the most unlikely of pairings. What makes this surprising is that for the majority it actually works. 
    This is mainly due to the cast who all do a terrific job. 

    A great supporting cast surrounds Seth Rogen and Charlize Theron, here proving she really can put her hand to any genre and still pull it off. 
    She plays the Secretary of State who is ultimately vying to become president. 
    Rogen plays a…

  • Last Breath

    Last Breath


    There have been many good documentaries hitting our cinema screens lately.  So it’s good to see that trend continuing here with this fascinating nail biting true tale. 

    What makes it fascinating initially though is the subject matter. Not many of us will be aware of the job of a saturation diver working deep under the North Sea. In a simple talking heads style we are introduced to the three man diver team discussing what happened on that one perilous dive.…

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  • At Eternity's Gate

    At Eternity's Gate


    Julian Schnabel was himself an artist before turning movie director so he will have no doubt had an extra interest in telling the story of the latter years of the painter Vincent Van Gogh. 

    The only film at the Oscars that earned a best actor nomination without having a best picture nom alongside it.  The honour goes to Willem Dafoe here earning his fourth nomination at the Oscars. His performance is without a doubt the best thing in the movie.…

  • Fisherman's Friends

    Fisherman's Friends


    This is one of those movies that British cinema does a lot of. A feel good movie that follows a set formulae and delivers a reasonably successful movie that the public can enjoy. Some of these movies  crossover and are hugely successful whilst others like this are good but without having that extra sparkle that makes it stand out. 

    All based on a true story where a bunch of local fishermen singing sea shanties really were signed by a record…