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  • Messiah of Evil

    Messiah of Evil


    The plot, what little there is of one, is very Lovecraftian - endless flight through a seaside town, followers of an obscure sect pursuing you even in your sleep, locked up safe in your motel. But there's an overriding voice that is reminiscent of Shirley Jackson - events taking on intimate, sinister undertones that echo and echo through claustrophobic domesticity just starting to sprawl out into a post-war infinity.

    Here, we arrive at that same gas station twenty some odd…

  • Critters



    So...this may sound like midlife crisis crazy talk, but I've had it with here/where my life is at right now, and so I've come to a very important decision on where my journey is taking me:

    Grovers Bend, Kansas.

    I am serious. It looks amazing. I want E.T's mom to be my mom. I wouldn't even mind having to live on a farm because I would have an awkward Billy Zane to tell me about what life is like in…

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  • Battle Beyond the Stars

    Battle Beyond the Stars


    This is just like...utter nonsense but I loved it? Like the guy who kept saying everyone's gonna die gets killed literally because he ran out where there was shooting to say that...this is probably going to get me kicked straight off the nerd planet, but the jokes here worked better for me than Spaceballs and I just enjoyed this better than I've ever really enjoyed Star Wars, plus John Saxon as an evil overlord and that awesome James Horner score! This was a lot of fun and a great addition to my Vestron vhs collection!

  • The Crazies

    The Crazies


    I already forgot I watched this last week uhhh....there is a part where the main dude is like don't ask me why I can't leave my wife and I won't ask why you can leave yours and I was like ooh! I know! I know why! It's because your wife is pregnant and his isn't and they can't kill a fetus in a movie like this one which says, look, the wrong fuckup and it'll be you they come for,…

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  • The Toolbox Murders

    The Toolbox Murders


    Look, I sat on this review too long because that was the week I had an infection of thing and felt like shit but like, what I do know is, someone should have told me 'hey there's a Tobe Hooper movie with Juliet Landau and Angela Bettis in it'...but I think I knew that at some point? Anyway, I won this spinning the wheel at the magical thrift store and I enjoyed it even tho mostly my enjoyment was the…

  • Fascination



    The atmosphere in this consumes and digests you and the world grows fuzzy at the edges. You could read this as role reversal, yet from a class standpoint, there was never anything to reverse. The women simply by being rich are in a position of power over the man they hold captive, and he has only temporary illusions of being in control. Love is a tool he thinks he can wield over the woman who claims to love him too,…