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  • Permanent Green Light

    Permanent Green Light


    My friends always asked me,
    "Why are you so strange?"
    Now I realize they meant,
    "Can I know you better?"

  • Irreversible



    I've always wanted to go to Paris, la tour Eiffel, Notre Dame, the city of lights, the city of love, the city of art, the city of fashion. How perfect. Am I romanticising it too much because I’m a foreigner? Should I be less of a dreamer?
    Gaspar Noé, you did this to me, you did it to everyone. We’re always hearing about abuse, about violence, about rape in the news. They keep mention a new case after the other.…

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  • Paterson



    Translation in poetry is like taking a shower with a raincoat on

    In this film,
    the bus could have exploded into a fireball
    Marvin could have been dog-jacked
    Paterson could have been the local bar hero
    but none of that happened.

    It's the routine that stop us
    from making our dreams come to life
    or is it the routine that help us

    Anyone could be a poet
    if you just stop to see
    the beauty.

    It's everywhere, it's even…

  • Faces Places

    Faces Places


    The reaction of the lady seeing for the first time the photograph of her face in the entrance of her house. Agnès singing as a soundtrack of their roadtrip. Jean-Luc leaving a message on the glass that reminds Agnès of Jacques. JR looking at her in the bench with the most tender smile on his eyes, and Agnès looking back at him in the same way. The workers pointing at themselves in the mural and the three woman as birds.…