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  • Django



    An incredibly satisfying and entertaining experience that shouldn't be missed by any fan of spaghetti westerns.

  • Ashes and Diamonds

    Ashes and Diamonds


    i don't know why the lead Character was trying so hard to be James Dean unfortunately he failed and that throw me off a little bit anyway a decent Polish Film.

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  • Trances



    I just Fuckin Love Nass El Ghiwane
    صفايح في يدين حداد أنا ما صابــــــر
    قلبي جا بين يدين حــداد حداد ما يْحنْ ما يشفق عليه
    ينزل ضربة عل الضربة وإلى برد زاد النار عليــــــه

  • Love Streams

    Love Streams


    One of the most original films I have ever seen, an accurate study of the Human Condition especially the meaning of love itself. The Acting and the editing alone make this one worth watching.

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  • The Lobster

    The Lobster


    Oh My God this film Can't Get in Weirder then this and i love weird stuff, Clever, original, scathing, and sharp Film from the Greek Film-Maker Yorgos Lanthimos. i don't Know Why it took me 4 Years to watch this movie...

  • The Martian

    The Martian


    In Mars no One Can Hear You Scream
    This movie is a triumph on almost every level; script, acting, directing, cinematography and special effects are all top notch. It's one of Ridley Scott's best films in years as well as a career high performance from Matt Damon who commands the screen and bring so much charisma and a surprising amount of humor to his character. The story revolves around an astronaut being stuck on Mars and having to fight…