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  • The White Meadows

    The White Meadows


    The White Meadows is one of the visually most beautiful films I've seen so far. The scenery of Iran's Lake Urmia alone is nothing but mesmerizing in every shot. But it is also the level of social critique and political symbolism that makes it the humanist masterpiece it is for me.
    Most of all it's the direct confrontation of the viewer with various archaic rituals and traditions which are being performed by the inhabitents of the island that still lingers…

  • Diamonds of the Night

    Diamonds of the Night


    Once again it's one of those minimalistic storylines (following two young boys on the run in times of WWII) that completly tears your soul apart.
    Precisely because of the stringent story, Jan Němecs filmmaking works all the more. His dynamic storytelling, editing and filming in general (especially the close ups) get yourself deeply involved in the boys' hopeless situation. Also their present state often gets mixed up with memories and surreal fantasies from past and upcoming events. Diamonds of the…

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  • Two Years at Sea

    Two Years at Sea


    The portrait of a man living in solitude, outside of a fast-moving society. Joining him for 90 minutes is 90 minutes of peace for your soul. But truly an experimental documentary thats not for everybody, using a lot of long shots and slow camera work. In the end the pacing is perfect to get an intense insight in the everyday live of Jake Williams. The beautiful black and white cinematography transfers the feelings of a meditative, almost spiritual walk through…

  • The Fifth Seal

    The Fifth Seal


    The Fifth Seal is a contemplative exploration of human suffering and changing in times of war. Depressive, philosophical, claustrophobic, existential are just a few words coming to my mind when rethinking this film. All those feelings are basically coming from one single question within the first act. After that, every single word gets yourself more and more involved in the moral dilemma. This is yet another beautifully crafted, overlooked masterpiece from eastern europe.