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  • The Trial

    The Trial


    Films I watched while in Vermont - 15

    What's most disappointing about this is how the Prologue of the film is probably the best thing Orson Welles ever made. Think of all his strokes of sporadic genius, the prologue might top it all. However, The Trial persists for another 2 hours of boredom. To the film's credit, I was still invested until about the hour mark, and it was that I realized: I couldn't care less about whatever happened. It's…

  • Laura



    Films I watched while in Vermont - 14

    Still such an amazing film. The camerawork, the mystery, the charm of Laura is nearly unbeatable. Every character is so well fleshed and likable -- really, it's a major bonus if you can make each and every character, even the antagonists, somewhat likable and/or relatable. Clifton Webb was born to play Waldo Lydecker, his constant rivalry with Vincent Price give the murder mystery an air of lightheartedness. Overall, one of the best noir films, even if it doesn't overstate its presence. That is all.

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  • Hereditary



    Ladies and Gents: the worst film of 2018. No film will be more stupid, unoriginal, and idiotic than this. I honestly cannot believe it was this horrendously awful.

    There's so much wrong with the film. It's not just poorly written or poorly acted, it's everything in between as well.

    Like, how is this so beloved? Hereditary is a shallow recycling of every classic slow-burn horror. It makes multiple references as if in respect, but the result is cringeworthy homage. Neither…

  • Green Book

    Green Book


    Case in point: I'm a straight white male who deserves to live the rest of eternity in the 7th ring of Hell.

    My crimes are many: I hate cinema, particularly cinema everybody likes. Hitchcock's not my thing; Pan's Labyrinth I never got into; personally I don't know what people see in Call Me By Your Name; etc. But the worst of my crimes, I liked this racist piece of trash known as Green Book.

    But in all seriousness...

    Green Book…