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  • Point Blank

    Point Blank



    Eh. Frank Grillo and Anthony Mackie are great in this brand new Netflix movie and the action is cool.

    But my major problem is that the plot is very bland and forgettable which is such a shame as our two leads are Falcon and Crossbones!!! The other characters are very bland and don't really bring anything new.

    Overall this film is just mediocre and nothing more.

    ➑️ Captain Marvel ♻️

  • The Big Lebowski

    The Big Lebowski



    Top 50 Of All Time

    Going into this movie, all I expected was a solid movie with a few good laughs but it delivered that times 100!

    Jeff Bridges is amazing as Jeff "The Dude" Lebowski and plays a really lazy person mistaken for a millionaire. This is easily Bridge's best role beating Obadiah Stane.

    John Goodman (Also known for Argo) is great as Walter. He plays this baffoon who has a very short temper and doesn't think properly.…

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  • Taxi Driver

    Taxi Driver



    What a different and unique movie. Robert De Niro is great as our lead "Travis Buckle" and shows the persona of a man slowly turning to crime. All our side characters have a bit of life to them too and feel like actual people instead of wooden people.
    The only thing holding it back a tiny bit is that the first 15 minutes are pretty slow and take a bit to get going.

    Overall Taxi Driver is incredible and a film Martin Scorsese should be proud of. This makes me even more excited for Irishman.

    ➑️ The Matrix (finally)

  • The Matrix

    The Matrix



    Top 50 movies of all time

    Recommended by Traviskugler and Yondu4

    Wow! This movie is simply amazing. The performances are top notch and the visual effects are incredible. I have been giving a lot of movies 95%+ recently but it's just because they're all awesome (Fight Club, Taxi Driver, The Good The Bad And The Ugly)!

    But even a film that was released in 1999 looks better than most movies that are released today! About 3 weeks ago I…