Castle Freak ★★★★

Having watched this for the first time literally like 6 months ago, I had no real desire to revisit it, so I mostly just skimmed through for Joe Bob Briggs' insights and observations, and they did not disappoint.

Granted, a lot of this is stuff I'd already gleaned on my own, but Joe Bob's digressions (on the Miss America "Pageant," gender confirmation surgery, and the virtues of Chicago theater dorks as compared to their New York brethren) are more than worth the time it takes to scroll through the rest of the (I should add: *very* good) film.

This is also probably the most downright *sad* thing he's ever shown on the Last Drive-In. Only really do-able as the second half of a double bill, to be honest, which is where Joe Bob and the Shudder programmers wisely decided to place it.