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  • Tie Xi Qu: West of the Tracks

    Tie Xi Qu: West of the Tracks


    •Part of my 'Favorites' list 
    “What kind of society are we living in ? It’s like, you know, what they say in biology. It’s a life of death or struggle. People, plants and animals, we are all part of the same big food chain. We depend on each other for life, it’s always the same struggle, whether it’s people or animals. What I’m talking about here is the survival of the fittest, the weak become extinct. You can’t get a…

  • The Birth of a Nation

    The Birth of a Nation


    •Part of my 'Favorites' list 
    “War, the breeder of hate”
    Well, where do I even start with this. I know a lot of people will see my rating for this film and react on a reactionary impulse that’s too weak-minded to see into opinion, maybe forcing them to block/unfollow me. To those people I say go ahead, it suffers me no loss, only a gain; to the others that have come here to read my thoughts on what I truly…

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  • Foolish Wives

    Foolish Wives


    •Part of my 'Favorites' list 
    For a film that intended to run 6-10 hours long, a film that has been degraded, spat upon, hacked at by the brutish butchery of the studios, poisoned by their moronic ignorance, their arrogance, those halfwits. For film that has been egregiously tattered, over time disfigured, that has had 4+ hours cut, lost, a loss leaving us with blasphemous runtime of 2 hours, a 2 hours that we are still unequivocally unworthy of, and then…

  • Moana



    •Part of my 'Favorites' list 
    “Oh, If we could only take back with us the singing. Not the songs, but the singing.” 

    Most of the silent films I watch, I watch in absolute silence. Yes, the restoration of this film with the locations sounds, dialogues and folk songs that are used to “compliment the poetic images captured” is beautiful, however I just don’t believe it’s necessary. I think the directors most proficient in utilising the true capabilities, the true poetic…