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This review may contain spoilers.

Like every McQueen film, carries an undercurrent of dread and tension that leaves your gut sore by the end. And like every McQueen film, I don't really want to watch it again... He's always had a very strained relationship with traditional narratives. He started out as an experimental filmmaker - everything is enigmatic, piecemeal, largely uninflected - if he were a composer, he'd be some dissonant modernist. There's no melody, no harmony, in a McQueen film... just existential emptiness punctuated by sharp staccato beats.

Few things I just wanted to note: the Ivanka lookalike provides the guns, is generally incompetent, whores herself in the Trump hotel in the center of Chicago, takes the bullet - and survives. She's also an Eastern European who plays at being a mail-order bride.