Speciously Lovecraft

As many young men misuse the term Lovecraftian as do Kafkaesque. My two cents in no particular order:

The Beyond
Mostly it's a story about exceptionally bad luck. Is it Lovecraftian? ... ... About halfway. Not strongly Lovecraftian by any means. It's too plainly vague, superficial in its narrative interests. Plainly evident Fulci is overwhelmingly concerned with the mise-en-scene and the visceral viewing experience, hence the gratuitously lengthy and grotesque deaths. Fulci might think its in the spirit of Lovecraft, but I don't think he succeeded.

the day after screening The Void
You know… the funny thing is that I entered The Void fully expecting a strongly Lovecraftian homage. Now I find myself wondering if it’s actually Lovecraftian at all…

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