The King of Comedy ★★★★

It’s a sharp - though occasionally sloppy - movie. Thoroughly enjoyed and my interest was maintained the whole time; Scorsese continues being the best. But I need to talk about Robert De Niro, and how his performance as Rupert Pupkin might be one of my favorites I’ve seen. 

Rupert, an obsessed, distressed, clearly unstable man, is portrayed with sheer brilliance by De Niro. A methodist by choice, De Niro sinks deep within Rupert’s disillusioned thoughts with such skill, such wisdom, and such perfection, that it shocks me his performance has barely received any recognition (well, perhaps that’s not true, but this film failed to receive any big accolades (with the exception of one BAFTA for screenwriting, which is also singularly incredible in its bending of genre)). Rupert has so much depth to him, and De Niro attacks it and embodies it like it’s new skin. His pace in voice, emphasis on words, and bizarre body language cements this performance as an all timer for me. I’m in awe. De Niro does business like no one.

So, yeah, I’d die for you, Robert De Niro.