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  • Terrifier



    Tara (Jenna Kanell) and Dawn (Catherine Corcoran) are leaving a Halloween party, both drunk, when they see a bizarre clown. The two don't think much of it until Art the Clown (David Howard Thornton) follows them to a restaurant and then the horror begins.

    ALL HALLOWS' EVE had a minor cult following and it was that film that introduced people to Art the Clown but it was this one that become a smashing success. TERRIFIER pretty much came out of…

  • Parrot Heads

    Parrot Heads


    This documentary takes a look at the die-hard fans of Jimmy Buffett who drink, party, celebrate and worship the singer-songwriter.

    I must admit that I liked maybe one or two Buffett songs and never fully understood why so many people were obsessed with him. I decided to check out a concert of his and it was nice but it was indoors so I decided to be "real" and attend one outside. My first outdoor show was at Riverbend and I…

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  • Death Proof

    Death Proof


    This is my first time watching this outside of the double feature GRINDHOUSE and I personally think the film works better on its own. Outside the lap dance sequence I really couldn't pick out any of the new footage, which is a good thing as it meant the film played very well throughout.

    The dialogue, which has been a rod of controversy, is very well written and I think in the first half it's a lot of fun. Yes, we've…

  • Something Good - Negro Kiss

    Something Good - Negro Kiss


    When the Library of Congress released their list of twenty-five films to be included in the National Film Registry there were many familiar titles and then there was this thirty-second film from 1898. If you're familiar with movies from this era or if you're familiar with the race movies that would gain popularity during the 1920s then you'll realize that this here is something special.

    The film has a black man and woman kissing, doing a dance and just smiling…