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  • A Song Is Born

    A Song Is Born


    Super dull remake of Ball of Fire (also directed by Howard Hawks) with Danny Kaye in the Gary Cooper role and his frequent co-star Virginia Mayo substituting for Barbara Stanwyck. Hawks reportedly didn't want to make it, but was coerced.

    Kaye was going through a divorce that may explain his lack of animation. He sings no songs (his ex-wife was also his songwriter) and he never breaks character as the nerdy music professor. He's fine in that role, but part…

  • Men in Black: International

    Men in Black: International


    I was so prepared not to like it after the reviews, but when one of them said that it fails because it doesn't "capture the magic of the original," hope grew. I don't really see any magic in the original. I see a cool concept and snappy dialogue completely overwhelmed by goofy aliens and body-fluid humor.

    My hope for MiB:I was that it would build on the world of the previous three and keep the snappy dialogue, but tell a…

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  • Dark Phoenix

    Dark Phoenix


    Nobody asked for an X3 remake and I considered skipping the theatrical release until a friend pointed out that Fox's time with these characters probably deserves a final high-five and "good game" as it comes to a close. I've seen all the others in the theater; it felt right to see this one that way, too. Sadly, though the quality of the series has been inconsistent all along, it's too bad that it finishes with such a bummer film.


  • Batman Returns

    Batman Returns


    This is my least-favorite of the Burton/Schumacher Batman films, but after this viewing I can't say anymore that I actually dislike it. It's true that there's not enough Batman and while Danny DeVito is perfectly cast and his Stan Winston makeup is fantastic, the actual presentation of the Penguin is off-puttingly nasty.

    I used to include Michelle Pfeiffer's insane Catwoman in the dislikes column, but I turned around on her this time. I'm still processing, but I love the idea…