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  • Bitter Honey

    Bitter Honey


    Gorgeous, ethereal and successfully emphasizing with two very different perspectives, there is a lot more to this than i anticipated.

    Very interestingly shot, the camera either wildly rotating around the characters, or sitting perfectly still waiting for the scene to conclude and then some. Produces some absolutely amazing shots despite its rather mundane setting. Some of my favorites of the year.

    The film is quirky, with perhaps a bit over the top sound design (*blub blub blub* we get it,…

  • April Fools

    April Fools


    Usually most any film labeling itself as nothing but a comedy reliably fails to make me laugh, but i found this to be quite charming. It's cute, quirky, heartwarming. Seen it all before, but a good watch.

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  • Night's Tightrope

    Night's Tightrope


    Amazing. What a gorgeous movie.

    There's a lot of substance here on the matter of mental health and the dark and dangerous places we can maneuver ourselves into. And out of. The frequently quoted fictional book is not empty prose, but relates very clearly to all characters and provides some excellent lines to think about. A real heavy hitter.

  • The Case of Hana & Alice

    The Case of Hana & Alice


    Only ascends to the level of the original in its very late stages, where it actually establishes the dynamic that made Hana & Alice such an incredibly joyful film.

    The animation has a distinct rotoscoped and at times a somewhat poorly animated flat-shaded 3D look to it, which is a bit of a weird aesthetic. The fact it is animated at all i would wager is due to the two actresses having aged 11 years since the original, so i suppose…