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  • Graveyard of Honor

    Graveyard of Honor


    To be a misfit, in Japan's escape from post war era, go through follow the old hierarchy, old principles, old values,... or through crime, prostitution and drugs. Both conclude in the yakuza community.

    Yakuzas was the misfits of new era. But Riki Ishimatsu, the main character of this movie and a historical real one, had that rawness of spirit, violence and madness that makes him become a misfit for the misfits.

    "The Yakuza papers" is a masterpiece, but this film seems to me much better work in almost everything.

  • Entr'acte



    Why are you running that fast, out of control, behind a hearse?

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  • Late Spring

    Late Spring


    Get married and be happy
    Construct a family and be happy
    Follow the common rules of life and be happy
    Don't listen your own voice and be happy
    Lie in the name of the others happiness and be happy

  • Breadcrumb Trail

    Breadcrumb Trail


    I fucking love this band.

    David Pajo: "A traditional songwriting element that was starting to be incorporated in our stuff -and not in sense that we were gonna start doing folk music- was it, like the songs became stories".

    "I'm trying
    I'm trying
    I'm sorry"