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  • Master Z: Ip Man Legacy

    Master Z: Ip Man Legacy


    Not nearly as good as the regular Ip Man movies but still fine. Part of the problem is that the lead here, Zhang Jin, isn't remotely as charismatic as Donnie Yen. Zhang is a blank slate unfortunately. A good fighter, but a blank slate. And thus putting a whole movie on his shoulders could be disastrous. Thankfully, the filmmakers cast an incredible supporting troupe, including the undersung Xing Yu (who was also in the first Ip Man and in Flashโ€ฆ

  • Batman Forever

    Batman Forever


    i was inspired to rewatch this after seeing a twitter thread about how the soundtrack is amazing. i agree, but i'll do you one better: the Elliot Goldenthal score is fucking phenomenal. Goldenthal can be partially credited with the invention of the loud, brass-y superhero blockbuster score that made Hans Zimmer famous and of course, Goldenthal did it better. (another gem in his discography: the all-timer Alien3 score, something i still listen to over and over).

    Batman Forever and itsโ€ฆ

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  • Sausage Party

    Sausage Party


    A post from Reddit:
    Whoa bro! This movie was fucking sick. It had all these great ethnic stereotypes and then the end acknowledged that those jokes are stale. How meta! My mind was fucking blown! Also, how hilarious is it that two dudes would fuck??? Right??? So funny. You know what's also funny? Stupid religious people. They're fucking dumb for having faith. Fuck them. Now let's go smoke some weed.

  • Moonlight



    Masculinity is a prison from which we must escape