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  • Godzilla



    Perhaps the second most influential movie in my life. The birth of history’s greatest movie monster and one of the great masterpieces of world cinema.

    The more I watch this movie the more I realize how angry it is. The post-Hiroshima and Nagasaki commentary is blunt and brutal. Cities burn and civilians are killed in droves. The tone is morbid throughout. Godzilla is an unstoppable force created by mankind’s feeble attempts at harnessing a power we’re not responsible enough to…

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  • Lady in the Water

    Lady in the Water


    “This has gotten s-s-s-silly”

    Absolute nonsense that’s often very very terrible. It’s maybe the most nonsensical film ever made. It’s trying to say so many things, but all those things are lost like tears in the rain.

    But I was never bored.

  • Crawl



    A typical Tuesday in Florida probably.

    This was fun to see while an alligator is currently hanging out in a lake not far from my apartment. Not an everyday occurrence in Chicago. Long live Chance the Snapper!

    This movie was fun. Seeing creatures tearing apart and eating people is my favorite thing so this made for an enjoyable Sunday afternoon.

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  • Suspiria



    My favorite movie of 2018 and I can’t recommend it to many people I know.

  • One Crazy Summer

    One Crazy Summer


    Yesterday I walked into a movie more excited than I’ve ever been for anything in my life (I’m not exaggerating) to see Godzilla: King of the Monsters. I walked out of the movie thinking it was just OK and not my new favorite summer blockbuster. My feelings have never been hurt so bad by a movie being just OK. I woke up this morning feeling like I’d been dumped by the love of my life.

    I watched this on a…