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  • Unbreakable



    I counted 7 different shots in this film that last for at least 2 minutes each. A lot more than that come close. There's a lot of reasons why this is almost Shyamalan's best film -- even now, with a screening of Glass coming up tomorrow night, I cannot stand the ending title cards. But for me, the visual experience of this movie, and the patient Eduardo Serra cinematography, is its best feature.

  • After Earth

    After Earth

    The truest exchange of dialogue in this film:

    Jaden Smith: "That sucked."

    Will Smith: "That is correct."

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  • Green Book

    Green Book


    The story of how that racist guy who says “I’m not racist, I have a black friend” met his black friend.

  • The Rocketeer

    The Rocketeer


    "How did it feel, strapping that thing to your back and flying like a bat out of hell?"

    "Well, it's the closest I'll ever get to heaven, Mr. Hughes."

    What an exciting, uncynical, legitimately fun this movie still is, 22 years after the fact.