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  • The Car

    The Car


    It was probably inspired by Duel and it could have inspired Christine, but this is the story about The Car that was up to no good and started making trouble in his neighbourhood. James Brolin plays the local sheriff tasked with taking down this rogue vehicle. Ronny Cox plays his emotional wreck deputy with the all the crackpot theories about the car's origin and motivation.

    Is the car possessed, is there a ghost driver, or is there a vengeful person…

  • Hellbound: Hellraiser II

    Hellbound: Hellraiser II


    Cenobites are people, too...

    I hate that I've started to need more out of my horror film viewing experience. I used to be fine with a movie only having gratuitous violence and nothing else. Recently, I've been needing a little more substance. I think it's because of the slow burn / less violent / well-written horror flicks that have come out lately such as It Follows, The Witch, A Quiet Place, The Conjuring, etc.

    Enter Hellbound. It's quite violent, but…

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  • God Told Me To

    God Told Me To


    I am a big Larry Cohen fan so there is always a little bias and I'll except things easier in his films than others. If you're not a fan of Cohen, get out! Or maybe you just don't realize you're fan because you unfamiliar with his cult-laden filmography (The It's Alive trilogy, The Stuff, Maniac Cop). He also had some moderate mainstream success with 2002's Phone Booth.

    A devout NY detective investigates a spree on mass murders wherein all of…

  • Invasion of the Body Snatchers

    Invasion of the Body Snatchers


    From the future director of Dirty Harry comes the original "body snatcher" movie. You know the story. You've seen this or one of its three remakes. I've now seen all of them. I saw them in the following order: 3, 4, 2, 1.

    Since I grew-up on sci-fi and horror films from the 80s, I am very accustomed to seeing an old aggressive, frantic Kevin McCarthy. It was quite a refreshing change to see a younger aggressive, frantic Kevin McCarthy.…