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  • Foreign Correspondent

    Foreign Correspondent


    Lies, corruption and awkward marriage proposals! It does feel like a melting pot of other movie ideas but not without its enjoyable thrills and action. Plus, given its 1940 release date, seems fair to say it may have spawned many of the likeminded films that came after it. At any rate, the performance by Bassermann and steady hand of Hitchcock make all the difference. Honestly, I can’t believe it took this long for me to see such a highly decorated effort from the master director (my 27th Hitchcock).

  • Distance



    Feels quite different from his other work and yet maintains all the quality. Taking place 3 years after a cult poisons a water supply and many innocent people die from their actions, we meet a party of grievers. This aftermath is the focus, not the horrible act or rationale of the cult. Instead, Distance explores all the questions and emotions that haunt the loved ones of the perpetrators. With a terrific, mind-bending 3rd act as a surprise closer, it’s no surprise to see that Koreeda has worked his magic once again.

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  • Bicycle Thieves

    Bicycle Thieves


    Vittorio De Sica obviously summoned thunder and lightning while directing this portrait of life on life’s terms. His part in writing the screenplay surely made the ideas mix with the actors emotions to produce subtle, crushing effects. Seldom does a film capture you on a basic human level like The Bicycle Thieves, it’s simply not a common occurrence. Being thrilled and being brought to laughter are truly cornerstones for why we watch movies, but somewhere in a subcategory of drama…

  • Her



    When I first heard about this new Spike Jonze project, I must admit that I was not motivated, but it was on my radar see at some point. His work has always been interesting enough but not a personal favorite category. Over the years, I have been moved and pleasantly surprised to see that my initial thoughts and ideas were smashed (from Cloud Atlas to Brokeback Mountain) in the most joyous ways imaginable.

    Once again, the dawn of judgment was…