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  • The New King of Comedy

    The New King of Comedy



    Note to self: when the world of cinema is letting you down, just see a Stephen Chow movie.

    For one thing, even when the plot is silly, even preposterous, Chow's films are just so well directed. He is that rarest of creatures, a maker of comedies who actually attends to the basics of cinema. The clearest example of this is Chow's preference for composing establishing shots on the diagonal, like some bastard child of Jerry Lewis and Giorgio de…

  • High Life

    High Life



    Sorry, I'm afraid it doesn't quite work. Certainly from the very first shot, Denis and cinematographer Not Agnès Godard (real name: Yorick Le Saux) generate an impeccably sumptuous atmosphere, with the slow pans and tracking shots describing the moist, verdant garden and the sterile, vaguely 1970s interior of the spaceship. High Life does quite a lot with a little, using colored lights and the textures of vinyl and chrome to produce a look and feel that I'm going to…

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  • Creepy




    I miss the old Kiyoshi. The can't-be-sold Kiyoshi. Back in the fold Kiyoshi. That was the bold Kiyoshi. Remember Cure Kiyoshi? That wasn't your Kiyoshi? 'Cause that was my Kiyoshi. Damn, that was fly, Kiyoshi! You came with Kairo, Kiyoshi. That shit was fire, Kiyoshi! Even Bright Future Kiyoshi, that ill repute Kiyoshi. I dug it all, Kiyoshi. So why'd you stall, Kiyoshi? And then that Journey to the Shore? You got some gall, Kiyoshi!

    I miss the real…

  • The Imitation Game

    The Imitation Game



    If you happen to follow my Twitter feed, you'll know that I've already gotten a bit hot and bothered about this film. In retrospect, it was probably a good deal of energy wasted, or at least misdirected. I tend to forget that useless dreck like The Imitation Game is pimped on every streetcorner around Oscar season by an industry that considers movies as product, not art. Most of the time, that product is slathered in Adam Sandler, and it…