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  • American Me

    American Me


    It has the elements but feels so 80’s Hollywood Melodrama. Could have been so much as there are real pieces here that have weight. It’s also interesting that they didn’t delve into how left wing the real guy who inspired the film became. Feels like something Universal probably said no to.

  • Thief



    Watched The Criterion Edition BluRay and man, its excellent to see this film with a nice clean-up. I can actually see certain things in the frame I couldn't before.

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  • The Last Black Man in San Francisco

    The Last Black Man in San Francisco

    Nah bruh, this ain’t it. 

    This cinematic trend to beautify Black struggle and minimize it narratively to some struggle of “self” rather than a real analysis of how Blackness always gets the short end of the stick by design is a horrible trend. This film attempted to use cinematic tricks and beauty aesthetics to cover up for the fact it has nothing real to say about what has happened to Black people in gentrification despite its grandiose title. It hides…

  • Us


    Boy did I really not like US. Wasnt into Get Out, but that was more cause of how Peele handled the ideas of race but I could say while I found it silly it moved as a movie fine. US cinematically is put together awfully while resting in retrograde tropes of class paranoia. The way Peele works with symbolism I find pandering. He constantly overplays his hand in the most self- aware fashion that makes his films more about displaying…