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  • Brave



    another one of my favorites and rather underappreciated by many in comparison to other pixars. it’s a beautiful celebration of scotland, its history and folklore brought to life with the richest texture (the hair is striking) and a distinct use of lighting. 

    the themes of destiny and breaking with tradition while still honoring age-old values are deeply felt, especially with a strong lead woman like Merida. i love her and her stubbornness because she reminds me of my younger self…

  • Period. End of Sentence.

    Period. End of Sentence.


    β€œThe strongest creature created by God in the world. Not the lion, not the elephant, not the tiger. The girl.”

    had this on my radar ever since it won the oscar for best documentary short and upon finally watching it now i can only recommend it (should be on netflix everywhere i think). 

    a competent little film that details the start of the Fly pad project in Hapur (India) and in the process showcases that the menstruation taboo in many…

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  • Toy Story 3

    Toy Story 3


    top 3 pixar film for me. the emotional payoff at the end is dumbfounding and i once again bawled my eyes out. as i looked over at my brother and went β€œthe ending always gets me bad”, i could just barely hear him say β€œthis is a beautiful film” and we sat there unwilling to let go of these beloved toys from our childhood. and i don’t have to yet, seeing as the fourth one is dropping here this week.…

  • Up



    as much as the intro hurts, i love how it discloses Carl’s backstory early on and makes a point in showing that most people you meet have one or the other private struggle and still maintain a kind demeanor towards others. he learns to let goodness back in after thinking he lost it all and that the world had turned against him

    back in the day i went to watch this in cinemas with my grandpa of all people. not…