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  • The Dark Crystal

    The Dark Crystal


    I saw this as a kid at the cinema when it first came out and i could never decide if i really liked it or not. Now im an adult i do really like it

  • Avengement



    I like Jason Statham but Scott Adkins is better and he's long overdue his big breakout hit movie

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  • Robot Holocaust

    Robot Holocaust


    "Who is this woman who walks through the she-zone with male scum?"

    I want to have a go in the Dark One's pleasure machine with Valeria

  • The One-Armed Boxer

    The One-Armed Boxer


    This is my all time favourite Kung-Fu movie. Everything about it is bang on and it hits all the right buttons. Theres no messing around in this film and it doesn't take very long for the first dust up to happen, you know it's about to kick off every time someone walks into a tea house.

    The bad guys are proper weaselly but for me it's the fighters that they hire that steal the show. You get an array of…