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  • Nostalgia


    Nostalghia is one the most unique and influential films I've ever seen. Its pure poetic images and how Tarkovski combine these images with the sounds of silence is outstanding. It's really sad and melancholic but in an artistic way.

    Nostalghia is full of touching and inspirational dialogues. This one is my favorite:

    Domenico: Where am I when I'm not in reality or in my imagination? Here's my new pact to the world: it must be sunny at night and snowy…

  • Nocturama


    Nocturama is a complex film about what the new generation thinks and wants. It's not about fighting against Capitalism and being Marxist, It's about young people having struggle with all these cultural and political matters. It's a profound study about "not belonging" in this form of living.

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  • Shoplifters


    Shoplifters is the second film I've watched from Koreeda's works and I like his style in Japan's contemporary cinema. Shoplifter's approach to capture the sense of living is by the use of Mise-en-scène and deep focuses on his characters. I loved all the performances and you could completely feel the situations they were dealing with.

  • First Man

    First Man

    As a biographical film that everything works as a trivia rarher than aesthetic aspects, First Man tries to ignore all these cliche to tell the story as  
    Chazelle sees it. Its camera quality and music score both work in a high level.