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  • Ask Dr. Ruth

    Ask Dr. Ruth


    This woman is a TREASURE and must be protected at ALL COSTS

    Also did anyone get slight Emelia Clarke vibes from her eyes & smile

  • She's Funny That Way

    She's Funny That Way

    hmm...ok...I can see some of the Wes Anderson humor

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  • Mona Lisa Descending a Staircase

    Mona Lisa Descending a Staircase

    bucket list: watch this on acid.

  • World of Tomorrow

    World of Tomorrow


    Emily: One day, when you are old enough, you will be impregnated with a perfect clone of yourself. You will later upload all of your memories into this healthy new body. One day, long after that, you will repeat this process all over again. Through this cloning process, Emily, you will hope to live forever. 
    Emily Prime: I had lunch today.