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  • Satanic


    Jeysus.... so much screaming

  • Murder Mystery

    Murder Mystery


    Watching Jennifer Anniston pretend to drive that Lamborghini at the end was the worst torture. 

    Closely followed by the dick joke that sailed into the air and splatted on the wall. 

    Maybe I’m not made for murder mystery slash romcoms or maybe this was just awful... I don’t know

    Here's the full review which includes pretty pictures.
    Have you joined the alleged 30 million viewers who tuned into Murder Mystery on Netflix yet?

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  • Terrifier



    For it is what it is. 
    I expected to hate this but it’s well written, well cast and well played Mr freaky ass clown. 

    Like a mix of Chucky and Jason Vorhees this somehow managed to show me a relatively good time. 

    One particular scene where he’s naked (to not spoil) was on point. Although I saw the ending coming it still decently thorough. 

    I liked that no-one was overtly stupid which is always nice and being set at Halloween…

  • Into the Dark: Pooka!

    Into the Dark: Pooka!


    Not your normal Christmas horror and that’s why it was good. 

    A great example of something different. Was slightly confusing at times but manages to explain itself by the end. 

    I liked it. Not my favorite of the three but still good odds on all episodes so far for finding something good to watch.

    Here’s the full review for this one 
    👉 Pooka!