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  • Bio Zombie

    Bio Zombie


    this movie has everything Dawn of the Dead has both subtextually and iconographically but with better style, more heart, more of a fuck-you attitude, and a prominent appearance of a Gameboy camera. whereas DotD showed how a life post-apocalypse reflected the mindlessness of consumption pre-, Bio Zombie shows how the distrust and anti-social behavior bred within capitalism allows and proliferates the situations leading to our collective impending doom. and it’s so. much. fun.

    “i’d rather die than become a zombie” might be the most punk rejection of consumerism there ever was!!

  • Aces Go Places II

    Aces Go Places II

    minor note: early on, we cut to two previously-unseen characters mid-conversation right as one of them says “you don’t have to believe in god, you just have to believe in my intelligence” and i cannot even imagine the precedent for this particular line of dialogue

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  • He Lives by Night

    He Lives by Night

    really solid psychosploitation that doesn’t mesh its more comedic moments as well as it should (read: Eric Tsang in full KISS make-up) but radio DJ Sylvia Chang discovers that a murderer is a man and not a woman after reviewing grisly crime scene photos because footprints in a bathroom indicate that they were standing while peeing, so basically this is a must-watch. bonus points for the scene where Sylvia is seemingly chased down a hallway by a giant 7-UP vending…

  • Aces Go Places IV: You Never Die Twice

    Aces Go Places IV: You Never Die Twice

    leave it to Ringo Lam to add gravitas to a comedic franchise and also have a scene where a child (credited as Baldy Jr) accidentally plummets off a very tall building screaming for his parents