Arrival ★★★★

”Are you dreaming in their language?”

Amy Adams superbly runs the gamut of human emotion in her quest to break a language barrier and find answers to questions that could affect the whole of humanity.
A film who’s image is often slightly out of focus just as the alien language and their intentions are a mystery, with the world impatient for answers can a species with no single leader or language of it’s own come together?
Director Denis Villeneuve along with this and his previous movie Sicario, is showing that he is becoming a master of modern filmmaking (i haven’t yet seen his previous films before that). Everything is shot with confidence and the atmospheric score by Johann Johannsson is wonderful. Memory, time, past, present, future, clumsy radiation suits, shaking hands, sight, sound and symbols, this isn’t crash bang wallop, this is engaging, thought provoking sci-fi.