Cam ★★★½

”Make ‘em want it.”

Showing a generally positive portrayal of the work cam girls of Freegirls.Live have chosen to undertake, CAM also takes a trip into a negative realm of desire with men who wish to go beyond simply viewing and the darkness of a real-life lost inside a digital one, as a doppelganger takes over the online presence of ambitious cam girl Alice/Lola played by (Madeline Brewer).
Lola certainly has some nice production value in her neon-lit cam show and while digitised replication and creation become only hints as opposed to realised explanations for the loop of increasing distress that Alice finds herself in, which is in some ways to the detriment of the film, the journey she takes in order to retrieve her image created a great deal of tension and ultimately it is Brewer’s compelling performance that carries the film through. Tip your tokens as this is well worth checking out.