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    Kiss my petals and weave me through a dream 🌻

    Above, below, pleasure, pain, joy, sorrow, love, hate.
    As you stare at the reflection can you defeat the shadow of your tethered self? ✂️ Look within and find beauty and power. Leave the ambulance by the door.

    I Got 5 on it 🎵

  • Opera



    ”He makes me watch.”

    Taking what he had learned during his own failed attempt to stage an opera, director Dario Argento here uses an avant-garde production of Giuseppe Verdi ‘s Macbeth for a backdrop to his aria of violence, as Betty (Christina Marsillach) finds herself the centre of attention for both the opera when she takes over the lead role and a crazed killer who is determined to make her watch his acts of murder.
    While logical plot may well…

  • Glass



    ”What if he is just unwell?....Like you.”

    A writer/director who likes to dish out surprises in his movies, M. Night Shyamalan here forms his trilogy in the surprisingly connected universes of Unbreakable and Split, as now aged security store owner and vigilante superhero David Dunn (Bruce Willis) attempts to put an end to the murderous rampage of The Beast and his Horde (James McAvoy), but initially those plans are put on hold as they both find themselves under the psychiatric…

  • Escape from New York

    Escape from New York


    ”I’m ready to kick your ass out of the world.”

    Coming off the success of his supernatural campfire tale of terror The Fog, director John Carpenter here helps create a dystopian future where New York’s Manhattan island has been turned into a giant prison to house the undesirables of a fascist police state currently embroiled in a global war. After Air Force One is hijacked and crashed into the prison by terrorists it’s up to eyepatch-wearing anti-hero Snake Plissken (Kurt…

  • One Cut of the Dead

    One Cut of the Dead


    ”You’re facing death. Were you really afraid?”

    The zombie sub-genre hits another home run with filmmakers again taking an innovative approach in bringing the old and worn format to the screen, this time from a Japanese film crew whose fast, cheap and decidedly average but passionate director is unafraid to invoke the real undead in order to get a performance from his actors during the filming of live broadcast short movie.
    Beginning with what is to be the live broadcast,…

  • The House That Jack Built

    The House That Jack Built


    ”Mr Sophistication, your narcissism knows no bounds.”

    Look into the mirror of empathy and see what stares back when art and murder collide as director Lars von Trier takes us on a serial killer’s self-reflective journey into the inferno. As he attempts to poke and prod you Lars’ latest certainly carries its share of grand and disturbing imagery, yet most of all has a streak of dark humour running through its arteries that had me chuckling at much of it,…

  • Ghostland



    Bodies lay lifeless like dolls

    Director Pascal Laugier returns with another tale of torment, and while it may not be the visceral gut punch that is his classic Martyrs, it is still one with an intensely violent and mean- spirited edge, as a mother and her two daughters become victims of a home invasion when they move into their deceased aunts house.

    A story of survival with a difference here though as all is not quite what it appears to…

  • Mandy



    ”A psychotic drowns where the mystic swims.”

    A hallucinogenic journey from an idyllic Eden to an apocalyptic wasteland, in a tale of vengeance not only laced with acid but also the solemn sounds of Jóhann Jóhannsson which features notes of both ethereal beauty and guttural roars, as Red Miller (Nicolas Cage) hunts down a Manson family type cult and a group of unholy bikers responsible for the murder of his beloved Mandy, played by Andrea Riseborough.
    While it may be…

  • Revenge



    ”You had to put up a fight.”

    The angel reborn on the barren tree of fire as Jen (Matilda Anna Ingrid Lutz) begins her journey of survival and revenge within a desert landscape after being raped at her wealthy boyfriends villa, and then later left for dead in an attempt to erase her existence.
    Stylishly shot throughout and punctuated by the cool sounds of Robin Coudert’s score, Revenge carries a grand share of graphic violence along for the ride, as…

  • Cam



    ”Make ‘em want it.”

    Showing a generally positive portrayal of the work cam girls of Freegirls.Live have chosen to undertake, CAM also takes a trip into a negative realm of desire with men who wish to go beyond simply viewing and the darkness of a real-life lost inside a digital one, as a doppelganger takes over the online presence of ambitious cam girl Alice/Lola played by (Madeline Brewer).
    Lola certainly has some nice production value in her neon-lit cam show…

  • Creepshow



    ”The maiden fair waits for her knight in shining corduroy.”

    Aided by the storytelling of Stephen King, director George A. Romero brings a true EC Comics feel to this horror anthology by taking a step beyond previous movie adaptions of their work and going for a comic book vibe, using prominent primary colours, animation and panels for scene transitions, adding atmosphere and a sense of fun to these five tales of terror.
    Taking mostly a cosmic justice route and with…

  • The Night Comes for Us

    The Night Comes for Us


    ”There has to be chaos, its part of the business plan.”

    Writer/director Timo Tjahjanto follows his Iko Uwais vehicle Headshot from 2016 with another venture into brutality that steps up the action and violence, though again falls a little short in the writing department as Ito (Joe Taslim) seeks redemption from life as a Triad assassin after saving a young girl during a village massacre. Of course, the Triad’s don’t like that idea, let the carnage commence.
    A tale of…