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  • Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

    Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

    What a loss to spend that much time with someone, only to find out she’s a stranger.

    That couldn’t have been said any better.

    Im going through the motions of parting ways with someone I’ve spent the better part of a year with. To say this was complete comfort for all the thoughts rushing around my head is an understatement. Also, not to take away from my initial viewing but this truly spoke to me substantially more on this viewing…

  • Midsommar


    We only do this every ninety years. I was most excited for you to come.

    Just like the characters stuck in this feverdream, I too was constantly spellbound. 

    While Hereditary was more blatantly scary, Ari Aster tries for what The Wicker Man did in its subtleness. Consistently laying this level of uneasiness through imagery, and it’s portrayal of cultural tradition that you may never understand. That’s not to say that Hereditary didn’t cover similar threads but again, Midsommar does with…

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  • Suspiria


    Give your soul to the dance.

    Every bone crunch. Every drop of blood. Every hip thrust and body thrown. This is a purely hypnotic, aggressive, grimy and blood fueled nightmare from beginning to end. The film completely ends this disbelief that a remake can’t be anything more than the original. Recreating from the ground up and establishing something even the classic can’t touch, which I say with so much confidence. 

    Completely engrossing, with terrifying spectacle and allure all at once.…

  • The Favourite

    The Favourite

    I dreamt of stabbing you in the eye.

    More thoughts to come soon but I ABSOLUTELY needed to log this right now. What Barry Lyndon is to Kubrick is what The Favourite is to Lanthimos. A game of chess, played with the most manipulative and seducing tactics and yet ever so precise. Yorgos Lanthimos is at the top of his game here and I just need to enunciate how amazing and entertaining this was. All the accolades this has gotten…